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These terms are an agreement between BUYMYTRONICS, LLC( and and you. Please read them. They apply to the terms of payment and submission of your electronic device (s). The terms also apply to any future BUYMYTRONICS, LLC:

  • communication,
  • supplements, and
  • pricing for this website / service, unless other terms accompany those items. If so, those terms apply.



1. GENERAL STATEMENT. We believe in the golden rule. What goes around comes around.

We treat each person like a person: fair, honestly and with dignity. We are the good guys. We are far from a big evil corporation, so expect to be treated like a person. When we provide a quote, you are receiving an estimate, and your final payout will be a reflection of what our expert team sees. Although most peoples’ payout match what their quote is, sometimes expectations on both ends of the transaction do not match. Rule of thumb, be honest with your submission and you should get paid your quoted amount. We don't even like having to create this legal jargon, but it's a necessary thing in this lawsuit happy world we live in. If you have any doubts about us or any questions, please email us at

2. NON-AFFILITATION WITH COMPANIES MENTIONED. is owned and operated by BUYMYTRONICS, LLC. is not endorsed, sponsored by or affiliated with any companies mentioned on All brands, copyrights, logos, likenesses and registered trademarks are property of their respective companies or organizations. is not endorsed, sponsored by or affiliated with any companies or organizations mentioned on, unless otherwise mentioned.

3. PRIVACY STATEMENT/INFORMATION. recognizes that privacy is very important. We are people too, and we really hate spam and telemarketers (so we will never share any of your personal information with any third party.) All personal information submitted to will be used only by When submitting information such as your name, email address, address, phone number and PayPal ID, the only purpose and use will be for conducting business with Again, any personal information provided to will remain private and will not be shared with any other parties. If you have any questions or have any security concerns please feel free to contact us at

A. DATA SECURITY. BuyMyTronics recognizes that above all else, your personal data security is paramount. We guarantee that all devices that have been received to our facility and can be powered on will be fully wiped of all previous data and reset to factory default settings. All items that cannot be powered on will be destroyed and processed to be properly recycled.

4. PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Most issues are easy to catch and you will usually be paid for what you submit to us. Certain issues with your electronic device may not be apparent at the time of submission, but we will find them (this usually occurs about 10% of the time, so don't sweat it too much). We have dealt with hundreds of thousands of electronic devices and are able to find issues that you may not even know about, so be prepared emotionally and financially. The most common mistake in submitting an electronic device is an incorrect generation or model. (For example, an iPod Nano Generation 2 versus an iPod Nano Generation 5.) In this case, we will adjust the price to reflect the difference in generation and notify you if there is a significant price change. If you are unsure of what type of electronic device you have please email us.

A. All Pricing Subject to Change. Some people make mistakes; we're not perfect, either. If there is a difference in the condition, type and amount of damage to your electronic device, the price is subject to change. It is important to understand that all prices shown on are estimated quotes, not guarantees. If we determine that the electronic device is in a condition different from the submitted condition, we will adjust the price to reflect the condition. reserves the rights to make the final judgment of the condition of all electronics we test. We will also inform you via email if your pricing changes more than $25 or 25%. If the price change does not exceed 25% or $25, we will process orders according to the terms and conditions set forth on without notice. If you are wondering why we do this, it is to speed up the process for everyone. You are using BuyMyTronics for convenience at the end of the day and in a world where time is money, holding up a payment for a few bucks isn’t worth your time.

B. Multiple Item Orders. In order to reduce the amount of materials being used and to be as cost-effective as possible, any order with multiple items must be packaged in one box. If you are unable to fit all of your items in one box, please do not create a new order. Instead, please generate your original label again and attach it to a bigger box. Any order that uses more than two boxes will have the cost of every additional box deducted from their payout.

C. Extreme Damage. Most extreme damage is included in this pricing; certain damage though is outside of this pricing. We will adjust the price to reflect any damage that is beyond the scope of pricing. For example, if you send in a Blackberry that was eaten and passed by a dinosaur, burned to a char and/or is radioactive, we may not be able to pay you that much.

D. Opened, Tampered with, or Modified Electronic Device. Some of the more adventurous types like taking things apart. Some of the time minimal external and internal damage is done to the electronic device, but most times there is severe external and internal damage. If we receive an electronic device that has clear signs of being opened and/or there is internal damage to the electronic device that was clearly done by a human, we will adjust the price. The adjustment can be anywhere from 0% to 100% less than the quoted price and is subject to our analysis, review and determination. For example, when an electronic device is submitted as "Dead" and we determine that the electronic device has signs of being opened, we will open the electronic device and find parts missing and/or wires cut, the price will be adjusted. Frankly, if you opened your electronic device, raided it for parts or tampered with it internally, we will know. Please be as honest as possible when submitting your item(s). To be sure of pricing please let us know what’s going on before you send us an electronic device that has been opened.

E. Battery Life (for items with internal Batteries or Power Supplies). Your electronic device may be working perfectly but the battery may no longer hold a charge. If we determine during our diagnosis of your electronic device that the battery lasts for less than one hour, we will have to adjust the price we pay you to reflect a depleted or bad battery.

F. Bonus Coupons and Special Offers. We provide bonus coupons to customers as a sign of appreciation, and as an incentive for repeat business. Please refer to the details of these coupons for length of validity and terms of use. Bonus coupons are valid for one use, and must be present with the items in an order.

5. PAYMENT PERIOD. Electronic devices are paid for via PayPal or check in about a week of your item arriving to our facility. The testing process typically will take two days; larger orders may take longer. All testing times are estimates and can fluctuate due to factors such as increased order traffic.

A. PAYMENT TIME FRAME. Payments for all orders are generated weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Payment transit time typically take 3-5 days to arrive. BuyMyTronics is not responsible for actual transit times for payments due to delays with USPS, UPS, FedEx or PayPal.

B. REISSUING PAYMENTS. If it has been determined that a payment has been lost in transit and has not arrived within three (3) weeks of the initial issue date, BuyMyTronics will reissue a payment upon verification that the initial payment has not cleared.

C. Transit Times. Sometimes the shipping company may receive the electronic device but will not always deliver them to our office promptly, thus delaying receipt of your electronic device, which can delay payment. Most mail takes about 5 business days or less to reach our offices.

D. Reprices and Feedback. If there is a difference between how the electronic device was submitted and the actual condition found by, the payment will be delayed because of additional testing. Additionally, if your item does not match up with your submission any time needed for feedback will delay the payment process. You may expect a delay of up to three to eight business days in this scenario. If feedback for an order is not received by BuyMyTronics within 30 days of first notice, BuyMyTronics will consider that order to be closed and will issue a payment for the adjusted, after-inspection price.

E. Electronic Serial Number Checks. Prior to sending a CDMA device to BuyMyTronics, customers are solely responsible for ensuring that the Electronic Serial Number of that device has been fully cleared from all previous accounts. BuyMyTronics cannot clear these devices, and will not pay for an item as fully working if the device is active. If a device is found to be active upon arrival to BuyMyTronics’s facility, customers have thirty (30) days from first notice to notify BuyMyTronics that the device is clear or that action is being taken to clear the device. If no response is received, the item in question will be repriced to broken condition. For non-major CDMA phone carriers (COMPANIES OTHER THAN VERIZON, SPRINT, ALLTEL), your payment may be delayed up to three to eight business days.

F. Large Orders. Any order that contains 20 items or more, or is valued at $1,000.00 or more is subject to an additional two to three business days to process and send payment.

G. Vital Components Required for Testing and Operation. If your item(s) do not include a specialty charger or battery to operate your device(s) this may hold up the diagnosis process and payment period, up to five business days in the event that was need to order a part to test your device.

6. RETURNS. If we determine that you incorrectly submitted your electronic device, and the change in price is more than $25 or 25%, you will have the option of having your item(s) returned to you. If you do not agree with our assessment of your electronic device, we will return your item to you. In the case of orders with multiple items, we will only return the items that have been re-priced. We will process and sell any items that match their quoted price (within a $25 or 25% price change range). Any item that matches the original quote (within a $25 or 25% price change range) cannot be returned even though you may disagree with the re-price of other items included in your order. If you do not respond to any emails regarding the re-price of your items within five business days of receipt of your item(s), your item(s) will be processed at the new price based on the condition we receive your item in. PLEASE NOTE IF YOUR ITEM DOES NOT HAVE VALUE AND YOU DO NOT REPLY TO OUR RE-PRICE EMAIL WITHIN FIVE BUSINESS DAYS YOUR ITEM(S) WILL BE RECYCLED. We remove protective layers and/or casing to check condition of your said item(s). If you want your item back for any reason, we are not responsible for any external shells, casings or protective layers on your item(s).

A. ITEMS ELIGIBLE FOR RETURN. Returned orders will only include the customer’s exact device and battery, and a charger of similar make and model. BuyMyTronics is not responsible for the return of any additional accessories included with an order including, but not limited to, cables, manuals, SIM cards, SD memory cards, cases, and games. We will do our best to return additional accessories, but cannot guarantee their return.

B. Abuse of System. We understand that it can be difficult at times to determine the condition, type, or model number of an item and do not want to penalize our customers for errors in submission. However, we expect honesty and accuracy in how our customers submit their items. reserves the right at all times to determine whether or not abuse to our system and services has been made for any reason. We will not allow for clear and obvious errors in submission to happen without consequence. If we determine an abuse to our system has occurred, we will not provide free return shipping if it is requested via feedback. Any customer whose order has been deemed as abuse will be responsible for the cost of having their item returned to them. As with all orders, only those items that have an error in submission will be eligible to be returned. Abuse of our system may include, but is not limited to: a significant change in the condition of an item (i.e. from Flawless to Poor), submitting an item as a clearly different model, or submitting an item as a working item when it is clearly broken.

7. LOST AND DAMAGED MAIL. In the event of a package being damaged or lost in transit, will work to the best of our abilities with you to find a fair and reasonable solution.

A. Incoming Mail. We insure incoming packages. We provide a prepaid label to cover the transit of your item(s) to our facility. If the respective package is never scanned in as received by the respective carrier, we are not responsible for that item if it does not make it to us. Furthermore, if that item is packaged insufficiently and is damaged in transit, we will not be responsible for that item. Using an unpadded, unsealed box or envelope, or using insufficient padding to send your electronic item(s) in to our facility is risky and not recommended. The value of any item inside an insufficiently packaged item will not be reimbursed. If you are unsure how to properly package an item, please take your item to a shipping store for assistance.

B. Outgoing Mail. We insure outgoing packages for the amount that we find the item to be valued at. If an item is re-priced due to an error in submission on the client’s part and the re-price exceeds $25.00 or 25%, we will happily return said item if the re-price is not agreed upon. When we return an item, we will only insure said item at the value that we find it to be in, not the claimed condition and value. For example, if an item is submitted as “Flawless” and we find it to be water damaged, we will only insure the package for the water damaged value, not the “Flawless” value.

8. TRADEMARKS. All content, including text, images, logos, concepts and technology on this site are the exclusive property of and owned by BUYMYTRONICS, LLC and are protected by trademark laws. No content may be used or copied without the express consent of BUYMYTRONICS, LLC.

9. REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES. By submitting your electronic device to you are representing that you are 18 years or older; you are the owner of the electronic device and no other individual or organization has any rights, interest or ownership of this electronic device; you have the legal right to transfer ownership of the electronic device to us, without and clear of any encumbrances or liens; and this electronic device is not stolen.

A. Stolen, Fake and Counterfeit Items. Fake, stolen or counterfeit items will be turned over to federal authorities upon receipt; we have a zero tolerance policy for fake or counterfeit items so don’t try sending them in. All items that we find to be stolen or counterfeit will not be sent back to you. It is against the law to send these items through the mail as sending these items constitutes as mail fraud. We feel strongly that rewarding dishonest activities such as theft and counterfeiting is wrong. Stolen items will be immediately destroyed and recycled. If you are unsure of your items(s) authenticity email us, we don’t mind helping.

10. UNCLAIMED ITEMS/INCORRECT RETURN INFORMATION. If your item(s) arrive to us without proper contact information, a packing receipt or return labels, we will keep track of their receipt and itemize your item(s) at the prices found on our website at the time of receipt. If your items are re-priced, we will pay you the re-priced amount, if we are able to match them up to their said owner. Any re-pricing of items received without proper return information are final and you will be paid the new amount if we are able to match your information with you. Please make sure you have proper return / contact information on your package. There are no exceptions.

11. PRICE OFFER / LENGTH OF VALIDITY. All prices quoted through or through email are valid for 30 days from the original submission or original email quote date. If we receive your item more than 30 days from the date of the original quote, your gadget (s) will be re-priced at the current pricing found on

12. LEGAL DISPUTES. ANY LEGAL ISSUES WILL BE DEALT WITH THROUGH BBB ARBITRATION, WITH NO ATTORNEYS. Prior to litigating any dispute arising out of this agreement, customer agrees to mediate and/or arbitrate said dispute though the dispute resolution program offered by the Better Business Bureau of Fort Worth & Tarrant County (BBB). By agreeing to submit, any dispute arising out of this agreement, customer agrees that no dispute shall be submitted to arbitration prior to the exhaustion of informal grievance procedures traditionally used by the BBB. Customer further understands that the arbitrator's decision is legally binding on all parties involved in the dispute.

13. REFERRAL BUSINESS. If any order comes to through an affiliate website, is not responsible in handling any issues beyond or outside of our terms and conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, BBB complaints or legal disputes. All affiliate generated customers must file any formal complaints with the company their order originated with for further resolution, and not with

14. CUSTOMER CONTACT AND COMMUNICATION - BuyMyTronics has permission to contact you through phone or email when necessary. Reasons for contact can include, but are not limited to, order updates or details, email newsletters, confirmation of feedback, and follow up calls after an order has been completed. BuyMyTronics will never release your information, and this information will only be used for reasons specifically related to BuyMyTronics.

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