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How It Works

Looking for a place to sell used electronics? BuyMyTronics will buy your used cell phones, iPods, iPads and other Apple products, digital cameras, tablets, and much more. Why? It reduces e-waste in the environment and increases the money in your wallet. It’s as easy as finding your product, getting a free quote, and sending it our way (shipping’s on us.) Now, sit back and relax! Once your ‘tronic reaches our headquarters we will process your gadget and send you your cash! Read below to get all of the details.

1. Find your Item, Get a quote
Search for your item and tell us a little about it. Your description of your device will determine your initial estimated quote. If you like what you see, add that to your cart and repeat the process for any other devices you have. Select your method of payment (Check or PayPal) and you’re on your way!

2. Ship Your Order
Depending on the type of gadget(s) you sell us, you will have the choice of downloading a shipping label to package your items up right away, or wait for us to send you a shipping kit. Secure your items, close up your return packaging, and send it off! Once your order arrives (which usually takes about 3-5 days), we’ll be sure to let you know.

3. Get Paid
This is the easy part. Grab yourself a drink and take a load off. Once your order arrives our team will test and inspect your gadgets, and securely wipe them of all previous data so you don’t have to worry. Once that’s done, the only thing left for us to do is to send you your money! All in all, the whole process usually takes as little as a week to complete!

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