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Fundraising At BuyMyTronics wants to work with your company or organization to create a successful fundraising program. We know there are a lot of clever (and not so clever) ways to earn some cash for your group…and while we don't have cookie dough, we think this deal is pretty sweet.

So. Why a fundraiser program with BuyMyTronics?

Fundraising At
  • No Cost To You. Literally. No. Cost. It's that easy - we send you an empty collection box, you fill it up and ship it back to us on our dime. Oh, and then we send you money!
  • Easy, Effortless, Flexible. Because you have to plan for what you'll spend the money on!
  • Environmentally Responsible. We like to call it 'Raising the Green' – cash for your charity, school, kick ball team, vacation fund…and tons of e-waste saved from landfill.
  • Safe and Secure. Not only do we wipe all items of personal data to the highest standards; this fundraiser keeps the kids from knocking door to door. A well-placed collection box does the legwork for you!
  • Support. Compared to competition, we accept the largest variety of items – ensuring you get the best value for your fundraising efforts. We will also contribute an additional 5% of your sales to your total as an instant good-karma reward for your cause.

Get Started Today - Contact Us!

Sound good?

1.  Contact Us. Let us know you are ready to participate and would like one of our super-cool, totally awesome, electronic collection boxes. We take items like cell phones, iPods, digital cameras and more. Click here for a full list of the types of items we collect.

2.  Collect Gadgets. Get the word out among your organization, get your collection box in the community or clean out your closet. Whatever you do, get as many items as you can!

3.  Get Paid. You'll ship your items back to us with a prepaid label (or labels) that we provide to you. Your organization will get value out of each item according to the pricing found on our website. If the item is outdated or is obsolete, we will pay scrap-pricing (25 cents per unit) and ensure it is recycled responsibly.

If you still need convincing – here is the deal. We pay very competitive prices for the used, broken, and unwanted electronics you collect. This ensures your cause can earn as much money as possible.  We are able to accomplish this through low overhead and a solid business model. Along with our high payouts, will also provide you with all the materials you will need. We'll provide collection boxes, free shipping labels, marketing materials to get you going. After you send your items in, we follow up with reports showing you how much you've raised, what type of items you're collecting, and how much e-waste you're keeping out of our landfills.

Good for the environment, good for your cause, less calories than cookie dough.


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