Yesterday we covered some of the most impressive consumer electronics we enountered at this year's CES, and today we're going to have some fun with some of the other technology we came across while exploring the floors of the convention. Without further ado, the Best of the Rest!


Yes. You can see his hand through a 3D TV. No, we're not sure why you'd want to.


2013 will certainly be a huge year for advacements in Televisions. More than any other consumer product showcased at CES, TVs were clearly the centerpiece of a number of vendor presentations. From 4K OLEDs to 110'' screens, we saw some amazing products, and some pecular ones as well. Some of our favorites include Samsungs UHD display which requires it's own permanent mount, Hisense's stunning 110'' display, and LG's Curved 3D OLED which will bring the closest thing to an IMAX experience right into your living room. One of our not-so-favorites: Hisense's transparent 3D display. We're not really sure what the point of a TV that you can see through is, but hey, at least we know the technology is out there!


Lexus's Self-Driving, Intellegent Integrated Saftey Car


One of the biggest attractions every year at CES are the cars that show up on the floor ever year. This year was no exception. We fell in love with Audi's floorspace, including their new RS 5 Convertable. Another notable showcase: the Lexus Integrated Saftey Experience. Lexus is currently working on a project to make a fully functioning, 100% self driving car that also learns as it drives. It's an ambitious project, but with huge positive saftey implications. Currently, the outfit for this project (which is currently 100% experimental) is cumbersome at best, with large computers and cameras all over the body of the vehicle, but the techology being used in this proejct will be sure to lead to innovations that will drastically reduce the amount of auto accidents every year. While a completely self-driven car may be out of the realm of reality, there are surely parts of this project that will be quickly implimented into new cars in 2013 and beyond.


3D Printed guitar bodys. Light as a feather, but still capable of heavy metal.

3D Printing

What was once somehting out of science fiction is now a reality. 3D printing, everyone! We saw a number of companies showing off their printers, but by far the most impressive was 3Dsystems showing off their guitar bodys printing from thin air. We can't wait to see 3D printing becoming more affordable so we can get our hands on one and make billions of tiny robots!


CES 2013 was a great way to get a first look at so many great examples of innovation in technology. While some may never make it to the real world, others will most definitely be available to the public soon. We know that you'll want to pick up some of these new gadets when they're released, and when you do, be sure to visit BuyMyTronics to sell your used electronics to us to help stay green and cut down on the cost!


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