Every year the electronics industry comes together to show off all of the advancements made, and to share in the celebration of innovation, technology, and cutting edge inventions. They call it CES. For the second year in a row, BuyMyTronics made the trek to Las Vegas to see what the future of electronics will have to offer, as well as learn more about what great eco-friendly products will be entering the market very shortly. Here are some of our highlights from our visit.


Best Eco-Conscious Product – Sony 3D HandyCam 

With our passion for doing right by Mother Earth, we were pleased to see the advancements that Sony has done to create products from post-consumer recyclable materials. Sony’s new 3D HandyCam blew us away with one number, and it may not be one you are thinking about. No, not megapixels, or zoom capacity – no, the number we were most impressed with was 99. More specifically, 99% - the amount of post-consumer recycled material that this camera was made with. Sony is leading the way with incorporating recycled plastics into their electronics, and we could not be more thrilled with their initiative. Newsworthy enough is the fact that Sony is able to produce a high quality device with recycled materials, but what excites us even more is how the rest of the industry will catch on. Don’t be surprised to find many more of your favorite consumer electronics to be produced with more than just trace amounts of recycled materials in 2013 and beyond. 


Best Cell Phone - Sony Xperia Z

The focus on CES 2013 was admittedly not as geared towards cell phones has it has in the past, however there were still a few models that were featured that we were impressed with. Out of all the mobile devices that we were able to get our hands on, the Sony Xperia Z was easily the most impressive. Running on Android Jelly Bean 4.1, the Sony Experia Z features a stunning Bravia screen, and top of the line specs. While specs and screens are great, there is one feature that set this phone off from all the rest - it's completely waterproof for up to 3 feet deep and for as long as 30 minutes. While we didn't see this feature on display personally, we are delighted with the news and hope to see more phones becoming water proof. The less activated Water Damage sensors, the better!



Best Overall Consumer Gadget– Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung already has the most popular Cell Phone in the world with their Galaxy S III, and don’t be surprised if they soon will make the claim of creating the world’s most popular digital camera.

Take it from us – the Samsung Galaxy Camera will be the beginning of the next wave of digital cameras. What makes it so special you ask? Well for starters, the Galaxy Camera runs Android 4.0. This means that you can instantly upload your high quality images all over the web, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With Android, your Galaxy Camera has access to a wide host of apps, web services, and more, and look for Camera specific apps to follow it’s release shortly. The Galaxy Camera is taking the world of social photography to the next level. No more cell phone images on your Instagram feed; soon you’ll be able to take high-res, professional level images and upload them instantly.


These are just some of the products we can't wait to see released within the next year. And don't forget, If you plan on making a purcahse for one of these new electronics when they are released, be sure to sell your used electronics to us to help you with the cost!


Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of our CES Round-up where we'll be highlighting the Best of the Rest at CES!


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