Just as expected, Apple recently announced its newest product, the iPad Mini which goes on sale today. The device itself may be slightly bigger then some of the other competitors in this category, but its definitely sleeker. Its extremely thin, strangely light, and downright beautiful. If we were going to hold a competition for overall look and feel of the device, the iPad Mini would win hands down, but that’s not why we're here!

The specs are nothing to scoff at. It will have an A5 processor, 5MP camera and 720p video. With 512mb of RAM, the iPad Mini is right in line with the iPad 2, including its resolution at 1024x768 at 163ppi, falling short of the Nexus 7 at 216ppi.  This allows all the iPad apps to work flawlessly without Devs having to do excessive rescaling.

When the iPad Mini was rumored, one of the larger complaints was that the excessive amount of downsizing needed by App Developers to make their products work on the new screen would turn them away. Luckily by using the same resolution of the iPad 2, Apple avoided that.

It is clear that this tablet it going to be held in a category of its own. Whether that will be because of its individualistic build when compared to its opponents in the same category, or the fact that it overshoots the price point by $130 is unclear. However, it is known that the iPad Mini sold out only hours after it went up for per-order, so if you're looking to get your hands on one, you're going to have to wait.

Apple isn't saying how many units that it actually put up for sale though, and some speculate this might be a marketing tactic for a product that might not go over as easy as the iPhone 5. However, if you still want to pick one up there will be units available in stores today.

 When making the choice between an iPad Mini and one of the other competitors, its going to be important to decide your exact use-case for your 7 in. tablet. The people who are extremely excited for the iPad Mini are the ones who know exactly what app would work best for what they want to do.

Whether its the maps app and the device mounted in your dashboard, or giving your drivers a new system for scanning deliveries, or maybe even just browsing the internet while you're watching TV, the options are as endless as your imagination.

The one choice you have to make is if are you willing to pay the premium price for an Apple product. For $329 you will get 16gb of SSD storage; compared to the Nexus 7, a product that overall has better specifications and the same amount of storage, priced at only $200.

 Whatever tablet you choose, its going to be a pretty penny. And remember, when you're ready to make your big purchase, visit BuyMyTronics first to sell your old and unused electronics to help with the cost!

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