By Frank Ling

With all the attention going to the new iPhone 5 launch, another product from Apple seems to have been buried in all the news—the fifth generation iPod iTouch. We’ll go over some of the highlights of this new model and see what’s in store for prospective customers.

Lots of colors
The first thing that will be apparent to this new model is it will be offered in different colors. This isn’t earth shaking but considering that every iTouch and iPhone case has, up till now, been only available in black and white, it’s pretty big news for Apple.

The new iTouch will still be offered in all black or a white face with case colors in silver, pink, cyan, yellow, and red.

It’s an iPhone 5 without the phone
When the iPod iTouch was first released in 2007 detractors of the device said it was nothing more than a stripped down iPhone, and remarked that the unit would die a quick death. But the naysayers were wrong and the iTouch has become one of Apple’s top selling products.

With the introduction of its newest iTouch, Apple has continued with its winning strategy of offering a product that will appeal to those who want iPhone features without the iPhone price.

The specs

The new iPod iTouch has a larger 4-inch Retina display, a 5-megapixel iSight camera, photo face detection, photo panorama mode, new lightning connector, HD video, up to 40 hours of music playback time, up to 8 hours of video time, and Apple’s new EarPods.

The new iPod iTouch comes in two storage configurations: 32GB and 64GB.

For those who love to listen to music, play video games, and watch videos, the new iPod iTouch is something that can be used as a multimedia station. The iTouch can be easily carried around in a pocket and is more portable than a larger sized tablet.

Added to this is access to Apple’s iTunes Store, which features over 500,000 apps for download.

The new iPod iTouch is ready for pre-ordering and will ship in October.

Time to upgrade?
For those who still own the previous 4th generation iPod iTouch, it all depends on how badly they want the latest tech from Apple. For those with older 3rd generation machines or earlier, the upgrade to a sharper Retina display, faster processor, onboard camera, and the ability to run the latest apps may be enough reason to go to the new model.

If you do decide to go for the new iPod iTouch, you can always offset the cost of the new device by trading in your old one.

Frank Ling writes as the National Technology Examiner. He is a writer, professional photographer, and video editor. One of his all-time favorite jobs was working at a large video game publisher as a QA trainer for testing game software.

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