At approximately midnight last night, Apple released OSX Lion in the Mac App store!  It's finally here, and you can download your copy right here for only $30.  However, FREE copies are available for those who purchased a Mac after June 6th, and after the break I'll tell you how you can redeem your free copy.

If you've purchased any Mac after June 6th you can go to this link, and it will have a helpful guide on how to upgrade for free.  All you have to do is type in your computer's serial number, and it should spit out a code and instructions on how to redeem, for free, from the Mac App Store.  If your serial number doesn't work, and you KNOW it's right, and you KNOW you bought it after June 6th, the website will direct you to this link.  The helpful instructions will guide you, but it will want a scan or picture of your proof of purchase.  If you ordered online, it will be in your email, and they will get back to you momentarily with your free code.

OSX Lion is the most powerful, and cheapest OSX to date!  It's sure to be a big hit.

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