This is an update of the original What Kind of iPhone do I Have blog. No new generations have come out for the iPhone, but one new kind of iPhone has been added.  Check out the full read to find out what it is, and how to identify it!

Along with the four iPhones already available, a new iPhone has been added: The iPhone 4 for Verizon. This looks almost exactly the same as the iPhone 4 for AT&T, but with a few minor changes.

On the right side of the iPhone 4 you can see the outline of the SIM tray, this is the easiest way to identify the iPhone 4's carrier; if there is no sim tray on the right side, it is a Verizon iPhone. 

Please see picture below:

On the left side there is another difference, and that is that the button placement is slightly different, and this means that not all cases may fit your particular iPhone.  Here is a picture below demonstrating the difference:

So there you have it! If your curious as to whether the iPhone 4 that you're looking at is for Verizon, or AT&T, you will no longer be in doubt!

An update to the update! Apple has recently released the iPhone 4S on 3 different carriers, and that means we need a way to identify it.  The iPhone 4S looks identical to the iPhone 4, with exception of the model number.  Seen on the picture below, the model number starts with an "A," and has 4 digits behind it. The iPhone 4S' is A1387, and can be located in this area:

And here's the close up of the actual number:

If the glass back of your iPhone says "A1387," you have an iPhone 4S! Apple's simplistic design is world renown and is lovely to look at and interact with, but this presents some problems because both the Size, and Carrier are omitted from the back.  In order to find these two things easily just touch the following: Settings > General > About, from here just look under "Carrier" for the carrier, and "Capacity" for the capacity.  Please note if you have a 16gb iPhone 4S, it'll likely say less, like 13.6gb, this is because some of the space is taken up for the operating system and native apps.  

When this occurs, just round up to the nearest 16gb, 32gb, or 64gb increment.

An update to an update to an update! Well, Apple is at it again and introduced a brand new smartphone in September 2012. In the United States and most of the world, two versions of the iPhone 5 were released: a GSM model and a GSM/CDMA model. Both versions come in 16, 32, and 64GB versions.

The most obvious way of telling the iPhone 5 from all other previous versions is by its display screen size. The iPhone 5 has a larger 4-inch screen as compared to the 3.5-inch screens of all previous models.
To tell if you’ve got a GSM model or GSM/CDMA model, just take a peek at the model number found on the back of your phone. If it reads “A1428” you’ve got yourself a GSM iPhone 5. If you see a model number of “A1429” you have the GSM/CDMA model.

To find out more about the iPhone 5 and what it does, check out our review by BMT’s tech guru, Trevor Dillen by clicking here. For even more info, go to Apple’s website.

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