Just minutes ago, the new iPad 2 was just announced!  Here's all the information that you need to know at a glance!

It comes out March 11th.  That's next Friday!

MUCH beefier dual core processor with more RAM and better graphics card

2 Cameras, 1 front facing, 1 back facing

2 Colors, white, black

It's thinner, MUCH thinner.  The new iPad is 8.8mm, compared to the iPad 1 which is 13.4mm, and the iPhone 4 which is 9.3mm.

It comes with iOS 4.3 which includes these new apps: FaceTime, Photo Booth, Camera, iMovie, GarageBand.

There are several magnets in which you can afix a new magnetic SmartCover.

Same price!

Same battery life!

There will be more details to come very shortly!  We just wanted to get a all the facts up, and more details about each one will be soon to follow!

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