iPhone 4 Design Flaw Could Lead to Epidemic of Cracked iPhones

Just when you thought that all the design flaws of the iPhone 4 were taking care of with the bumper program, which fixed the issue of dropped calls due to a questionable position of the antenna, the iPhone engineering team has uncovered what could be another major design flaw that could lead to another wave of very, very unhappy Apple customers (which we're sure Apple is just THRILLED about). The iPhone engineers have discovered that non-bumper cases that slide onto iPhone 4s can cause scratching when dust and other particles get in between the case and the body of the phone. These scratches can grow quickly over time, and eventually lead to full on cracking in the glass. There was already some grumblings about the glass back of the iPhone 4, and with this, it's certain there will be plenty more.

This isn't something that Apple is going to just let happen, however. They banned all third-party cases from all their Apple Stores up until this week, and the Apple team has created a test program just to research this problem. While Apple is taking precautions to not have non-bumper cases sold in their stores, the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of other avenues for these cases to be bought, which means that the potential for cracked glass iPhone 4's is still very high. With all of these problems, we think it's safe to say that whenever Apple releases the new iPhone (for Verizon perhaps??) there will be plenty of design changes.

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[Image and information used from Gizmodo.]

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