If you had to ask us what the most common problem our customers run into when visiting us it would be this; every time someone comes BuyMyTronics.com to sell their used cell phone, the most daunting task generally seems to be indentifying what model of phone it actually is. The Apple iPod touch is no different!


Overview: As of right now there's 5 generations of iPod Touches.  They're pretty different looking from one another with the exception of the 2nd and 3rd generations, which will be described in detail below.  In the above picture they start from left to right, 1st generation to 5th generation, and a more accurate description of each generation will be described below.


1st Generation:  The first generation iPod touch has a flat back, no camera, and a small black border around the sides.  None of the other iPods will have this border around the front, and the back side will let you correctly identify the capacity.

2nd and 3rd Generations:  The most confusing thing about when you’re about to sell your used iPod Touch is identifying the model, considering Apple’s 2nd Generation iPod Touch and 3rd Generation iPod Touch LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME!  Fear not!  We can help with you identify which is which.

The easiest way to identify them is by the model number on the back, located in the area of this yellow circle:



What’s in this yellow circle is the model number for the iPod Touch (any model) and will be formatted with an “A” and then 4 numbers (Axxx).  For the 2nd Generation iPod touch the model number is A1288.  The 3rd Generation iPod touch’s model number is A1318.


4th Generation:  The 4th generation iPod Touch has 2 cameras and can fit 5 rows of icons on the homescreen.  In order to find the capacity of the device, just enter into settings and tap "about."

5th Generation:  The 5th generation of the iPod Touch is kind of like the 4th generation, but it has a longer screen.  Instead of fitting 5 rows of icons, the 5th gen can fit 6!  There's also a lanyard circle on the bottom left of the back side of the device which is currently a dead giveaway as to identifying if you have a 5th gen iPod Touch.  To find the capacity, you will need to tap "settings," and then "about," in order to correctly identify the capacity.

If you have any problems trying to figure out what type of iPod, cell phone, or any other device you have, don't hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team is knowledgeable and is always happy to help!

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