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CES 2013 In Review - Part 2

clock January 11, 2013 14:26 by author Andy Hellmuth

Yesterday we covered some of the most impressive consumer electronics we enountered at this year's CES, and today we're going to have some fun with some of the other technology we came across while exploring the floors of the convention. Without further ado, the Best of the Rest!


CES 2013 In Review - Part 1

clock January 10, 2013 12:25 by author Andy Hellmuth

Every year the electronics industry comes together to show off all of the advancements made, and to share in the celebration of innovation, technology, and cutting edge inventions. They call it CES. For the second year in a row, BuyMyTronics made the trek to Las Vegas to see what the future of electronics will have to offer, as well as learn more about what great eco-friendly products will be entering the market very shortly. Here are some of our highlights from our visit.


BuyMyTronics Now Accepting GoPro Cameras

clock December 12, 2012 10:31 by author Andy Hellmuth

BuyMyTronics is excited to announce that we have added to all GoPro Cameras to our product catalog, becoming the first electronics buy-back company to offer value for these items. GoPro cameras are a product near and dear to our staff's hearts, as our staff uses these cameras to capture great moments when we are riding the slopes on the Colorado Rockies in our back yard. GoPro cameras provide action enthusiasts a way to share their experience of riding, biking, surfing, skydiving, and more in a first-person setting. 

GoPro Cameras feature top of the line specs. Highlights, depending on model, include:

  • 5MP-12MP
  • 3-30 FPS Bursts
  • Built In Wi-Fi
  • Battery Warmer
  • A wide range of mounts and cases

So once you've put your GoPro through the gauntlet and are ready to make an upgrade, visit BuyMyTronics to sell your GoPro!

About GoPro

Based in Half Moon Bay, California, GoPro makes the world’s most versatile cameras, enabling people to capture and share their lives’ most exciting moments in professional quality HD video and photos. GoPro’s HD HERO line of wearable and gear mountable cameras are used collectively by more consumers, professional athletes, and video production professionals than any other camera in the world. GoPro’s products are sold in over 60 countries via specialty sports retailers, Sport Chalet, Best Buy and at



What is an ESN, and Why Should I Care?

clock September 16, 2011 11:14 by author Andy Hellmuth

As the Customer Experience Manager here at BMT, I run into a lot of frequently asked questions and one of the most prevalent questions I receive is "What is an ESN?". After a few hundred replies, I've finally decided to tackle this question in depth to help you, our customers, know exactly what an ESN is, what it does, and why you need to know about it before you create an order with us.


From Bedside to the Bathroom: Where are You Using Your Favorite Electronics?

clock June 1, 2011 09:29 by author Andy Hellmuth


You use your favorite smartphone, tablet or eReader just about every day, but have you taken the time to think about where you use it the most? In a recent and interesting study, Nielsen has taken the time to figure out that it depends on what gadget you're using.

In its  study, Nielsen looked at the three most popular electronics on the market: tablets, eReaders, and smartphones. Researchers conducted a survey of nearly 12,000 device owners and asked them where they use their electronics the most, and how much time each was used in different locations. What resulted were some really unique findings. Check out the results after the jump.


Having trouble deciding between Android and Apple? So is the rest of the country

clock April 27, 2011 10:35 by author Andy Hellmuth


It seems like only yesterday when you could ask the question, "If you were to purchase a new smartphone in the next year, what would it be?" and almost automatically receive the answer "an Apple iPhone." Oh the times, they are a-changin'.

According to a study released by Nielsen, that same question now has a new answer, "an Android phone." It's a trending pattern, and one that shouldn't be too surprising considering the sheer number of Android devices currently on the market. According to Nielsen's latest figures, Android phones now own 37% of the smartphone market share, whereas Apple holds claim to 27% overall.


The Cell Phone Life Cycle

clock January 20, 2011 09:22 by author Andy Hellmuth

Even though you have probably already made a call, sent a text or surfed the web on your cell phone today, have you ever wondered how that magical little device is made?  It’s complicated. Luckily, the Environmental Protection Agency breaks it down in this tween-friendly poster of the life-cycle of the cellular phone. I highly recommend revisiting your middle school days by checking it out, and even complete some “educational” activities that go along with it.  As many good things that cell phones add to our lives, it’s important to remember that everything comes with a price and in this case, it’s damage to the environment. is proud to be an e-cycler and of the part we play in giving cell phones a second chance at life.

For more information on recycling see the EPA’s e-cycling faq.

Look Out Apple: Over 300,000 Android Phones Activated Daily

clock December 17, 2010 12:04 by author Andy Hellmuth


That's right, 300,000 a day. Pretty impressive number, wouldn't you say? Last week, Google's VP of Engineering Andy Rubin tweeted that stat via his account (ARubin). It's safe to say that Google has definitely emerged as Apple's top competition in the smart phone industry.


Need Some Extra Cash For Black Friday?

clock November 22, 2010 16:29 by author Andy Hellmuth

Looking for a way to increase your Black Friday budget so you can get your hands on the newest electronics?

There’s an easy way; take the gadgets you don’t need or use anymore and sell them to earn some quick cash. will offer you cash for your used or broken electronics, including cell phones, MP3 players, Digital Cameras, and more. The process is simple; say for example you recently purchased an iPhone 4 and you are wondering what to do with your iPhone 3Gs. Visit us, and we'll ask you a few questions about your phone, its physical condition, and any accessories it might come with they will generate a quote for you. For a working iPhone 3Gs 16GB in “excellent” condition, we'll pay $132. Not too shabby right?

Don’t have an iPhone to sell? Don’t worry; we accept and pay for a wide range of items, with payouts ranging from $1 to $400 plus. On top of the pay outs that BuyMyTronics provides, we will also cover all shipping costs, making our service completely free to use. After you send in your order, it takes about a week for us to complete your order and issue you a payment, either by check, or by PayPal if you have an account.

What makes this service even more attractive is that you’re not only earning cash for your holiday spending, but you can feel good in doing your part to properly recycle your old electronics so that they do not end up in landfills. The average consumer in America owns about 10 pieces of unused electronics, and only about 1% of all electronics have a lifespan past their first user. By using a service like ours, you can feel good about the fact that your old electronics will be properly recycled or reused, and never end up in a place where they can pollute our environment.


AT&T, T Mobile, and Verizon Announce Isis Network

clock November 16, 2010 07:53 by author Andy Hellmuth

First Facebook is trying to take over email, and now AT&T, T Mobile, and Verizon have announced that in the near future they will be introducing the Isis national mobile commerce network, or Isis for short. So what is Isis? To make a long story short; AT&T, T Mobile, and Verizon basically want you to say goodbye to your credit cards and use your cell phones to make payments, use coupons, and track your purchases at different retail stores. The technology will use near-field communication, or NFC, technology which is much like the technology used in credit cards to be able to simply tap the card to make at payment at certain stores. It's a unique concept, and some would argue it's a logical step in the evolution of the cell phone, but there's clearly going to be questions about security. This will definitely be a technology that we'll be keeping our eyes on as it continues to be developed. For more information, check out the press release after the jump.


So Really... What's the Importance of Recyling My Cell Phone?

clock November 8, 2010 15:38 by author Andy Hellmuth

This infographic says it all.


What Your Smartphone Says About You

clock November 5, 2010 09:18 by author Andy Hellmuth

Here's a fun little graphic from that pits Android, Blackberry, and iPhone users against each other. Pretty funny, and not far from the truth!

Samsung Galaxy S Is Now the #1 Selling Phone.... In Japan

clock November 5, 2010 08:55 by author Andy Hellmuth

For the first time in over 18 weeks, the iPhone 4 is not the number one phone in Japan. The perennial powerhouse has been dethroned by the Samsung Galaxy S. The iPhone 4 32GB had taken Japan by storm for the last few months, but now it seems that the Android based phone is trying to wiggle its way into the Japanese market. It remains to be seen if this is just a one week spike, or if the Galaxy S can stay relevant in the Japanese market, but regardless it's always interesting to take note of the battle between iPhones and Android based phones.

What do you think? Is the iPhone/Android feud old news, or do you think the war has just begun? I personally think it's the latter, but let us know how you feel in the comments section. No matter what side of this battle you might be on, whenever you want to sell your iPhone or Android phone, come visit us and we'll provide you with competitive payouts to help get you money for your next gadget!

BuyMyTronics Now Accepting GPS Units!

clock October 28, 2010 08:25 by author Andy Hellmuth

Have a Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, or any other GPS unit that you're looking to get rid of?  Well luckily for you, BuyMyTronics has now added GPS units to our 'tronics arsenal. Just like we do for cell phones, PDAs, and MP3 players, BMT will pay high competitive prices for your used and broken GPS units so that you can earn some green while being green. Stop by today to sell your used GPS unit.

Android Bandwagon Making Stops This Fall, All Aboard!

clock October 26, 2010 16:03 by author Andy Hellmuth

Sprint and T-Mobile are launching versions of the LG Optimus, which is basically a low-cost starter smartphone.

Looking for an Android phone but have a feature phone budget? Well come this fall, you'll be able to have your cake and eat it too, cellular-ly speaking. According to, a number of low-budget Android phones will be released by multiple carriers including T Mobile and Sprint.  Announced at the CTIA mobile technology conference earlier this month, phones like the LG Optimus and the Samsung Transform (hmm I wonder where they got the inspiration for those phone names?) will be rolling out this fall with prices ranging from $150 (after rebate) to as low as $50.

There is one catch however; although these phones are technically Android phones, not all of them will provide all of the speed or features that top flight Androids like the EVO or Droid X do. It's definitely a give and take situation, but its clear that the lines between feature phones and smart phones are starting to mesh together, which is very cool news. If you'll be in the market to pick up one of these bad boys this fall, remember to be sure to sell us your used cell phone to earn some cash for your new one. Pretty sweet, huh?



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