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A quick guide for choosing a good graphing calculator

clock April 22, 2014 15:27 by author Frank Ling

Graphing calculators may have similar functions and graphing abilities, but the best ones give you powerful features and added value. These models offer split-screen displays, a good selection of on-board apps, USB connectivity to hook up with calculators or PCs, and sharp resolution displays.

For about a hundred dollars or less anyone can purchase a modern calculator that contains hundred of times more power than the most advanced computers that were valued at seven million dollars over 60 years ago. So yes, $100 is a lot of money, but compared to what you are getting now, it's a steal!

If you are thinking about upgrading, replacing, or buying a new graphing calculator, we’ve assembled a short list of what to look for and which ones are the top sellers. More...

Leaked iPhone 6 photos show iOS 8 and larger case design

clock April 17, 2014 14:10 by author Frank Ling

Spring is here and the annual rite of iPhone rumors is upon us again, and along with these rumors are the perfunctory leaked photos of what the new models look like.

Tech factories, located in China, assemble iPhones and are always a rich source for new info and buzz about upcoming models.

We’ll take a quick peek at some of latest rumors and make an assessment of how on the mark they are. More...

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally here: What you want to know

clock April 15, 2014 19:41 by author Frank Ling

The next iteration of the wildly popular Galaxy S smartphone was released last week to eager fans, and if the initial reactions are anything to go by, Samsung has another hit on its hands.

While the basic form factor of the S5 is almost identical to its predecessor, what sets this new flagship smartphone apart is the numerous improvements and tweaks that truly puts it in a class of its own.

For fans of Galaxy phones, the S5 delivers. More...

30th year anniversary of Macintosh reveals lost Steve Jobs interview

clock January 31, 2014 12:38 by author Frank Ling

Last week the Macintosh celebrated its 30th year anniversary. The Mac was revolutionary for its time because up till then, computers were operated by typed-in commands such as C> DIR /P and other cryptic phrases on IBM machines. There were no graphics on the displays to navigate, and computer users only saw green glowing letters against a black background.

When the first Macintosh computer arrived on the scene on January 1984, it featured an interface where anyone could just use the mouse to point and click on icons on the screen. This was called a GUI or graphical user interface. Everything was graphical and you no longer had to type in strange commands and computer jargon.

Today, all computers work with the graphical user interface system that was first released publically by Apple and its Macintosh computer.  This is taken for granted now, but the Macintosh way of computing changed the computer industry forever.

30 years ago, Steven Levy, a freelance journalist for Rolling Stone magazine, interviewed Steve Jobs about his soon to be launched Macintosh computer. Most of the transcript was never printed until now.

Levy has released the transcripts, and here is a sampling of what Jobs said. More...

Solar powered MacBooks may be in Apple’s future product line

clock January 29, 2014 14:50 by author Frank Ling

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, is fond of telling the press that new and exciting products will be coming from his company. At the moment this still remains to be seen, but if patents filed by Apple means anything, we may be in store for a solar powered MacBook.

Although patents are merely a formality in securing the rights to inventions or processes, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will ever be made public or be sold.

But in spite of this, this shows that Apple is trying to boost its fortunes as far as an innovator of electronics. More...

Samsung Galaxy 5 rumors: The latest buzz

clock January 22, 2014 16:03 by author Frank Ling

One of the most successful smartphone brands in the world, the Samsung Galaxy S series, is due for another upgrade soon. We’ll delve into the most recent rumors about the Galaxy S5 and see which ones are believable or not.

Earlier unveiling
It’s been generally accepted that the new GS5 will make its appearance around March or April; the traditional time when Samsung unveils its new smartphone model. But a recent rumor from International Business Times says that it could be as soon as February.

According to IBT, tech blogger and analyst Eldar Murtazin says that he believes the new Galaxy S5 will make its launch on February 23.

For those tech savvy individuals out there, this date will seem familiar because it coincides closely with the Mobile World Congress meeting held annually in Barcelona, Spain, held from February 24-27.

But all things considered, if an earlier release of the Galaxy S5 by a few weeks is true, it isn’t exactly an earthshaking prediction. But just the same, earlier is better for Galaxy S5 fans. Conclusion: Rumor is 50 percent believable. More...

New Samsung Galaxy S5 may have an iris scanner on board

clock January 17, 2014 09:33 by author Frank Ling

Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas produced a truckload of new products and new rumors for the New Year.

Among the popular topics at the CES was the buzz about Samsung's next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5. And according to high officials at company, there will be some interesting changes.

Not too much is known about the new device yet, but Samsung’s vice president of mobile business, Lee Young Hee, had some juicy things to say to Bloomberg News.

And what she didn’t say was just as important as what she did say. More...

Data managers: These apps can save you from overage charges

clock January 15, 2014 17:21 by author Frank Ling

We’ve seen stories floating around on the Internet about people inadvertently stacking up huge wireless phone bills because they didn’t keep track of their overage charges or extra fees for exceeding their data limits.

These hefty bills can mean an additional cost of a hundred dollars to extraordinary fees amounting in the thousands of dollars.

Although AT&T and other wireless carriers now send out text and email messages to warn customers of their impending data doom, these warning don’t always work because these messages may go unnoticed by you or family members until it's too late.

There must be a better way to keep track of your data usage, and fortunately for everyone, there is. And the answer is installing a data manager. More...

Three favorite apps for Android phones

clock January 10, 2014 09:01 by author Frank Ling

At the beginning of 2014 we’ve found quite a few apps and games that were installed and uninstalled on our Android phones and tablets during the course of last year.

The survivors, or the ones we kept around, are some of the most useful and entertaining out there for Android, in our opinion. Not all of these selections are well known, but they all have something in common; they do what they do very good.

So here are a few of the apps and games that are favorites of mine, and hopefully, they’ll be as useful and fun for you as well. More...

Top cool products at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show

clock January 8, 2014 13:53 by author Frank Ling

It’s that time of year again where gadget lovers and technology fans from all walks of life gather at the annual Consumer Electronics show (CES) to see the latest and greatest devices and electronics.

While “The Show” only runs from January 7-10, the overwhelming display of wares and products can dazzle and numb the mind. But in spite of this there are several standout products that may be worth mentioning.

We’ll take a look at some of these show stoppers that may be an indication of what trends we may see in the future. More...

Which small tablet should I buy?

clock December 26, 2013 14:57 by author Frank Ling

Some electronics industry watchers have predicted that laptops will someday be a thing of the past and will eventually be replaced by tablets. We don’t know if this will happen or not, but tablets are very popular with many people.

If you are someone who has thought about buying one, but don’t really know where to start, we’ll give you some information so that you can make a wise decision.

You may be someone who only needs basic functions while others will opt for more advanced features and power.

But which one should you buy? Keep reading and we’ll narrow down the choices for you. More...

Last minute electronic gifts for your favorite pals

clock December 20, 2013 09:00 by author Frank Ling

Can you believe it? There are only a few more days till the official Christmas and holiday gift giving season is upon us.

And guess what, some of you still haven’t done your shopping yet and are getting a bit frantic on what to get for your favorite friend.

Not to worry because the gifts on this short list can be found at local big box department stores, or can be rushed to your doorstep via one or two-day shipping from an online store. But be forewarned, your gifts still may not make it on time because of the huge volume of packages during the holidays.

But if you want to do it the old-school way, going out to brave the elements and facing the shopping hoards, you’ll have a better chance of snapping up a quickie gift. More...

Three cool accessories for your iPhone

clock December 18, 2013 20:14 by author Frank Ling

If you are a big fan of the iPhone it probably goes without saying that you’ve probably looked into buying a few accessories.

But let’s face it, there are virtually thousands of goodies out there for the iPhone, but which ones are really useful and worthy of being used with your little electronic wonder?

We’ve gathered a few ideas and think these gadgets will make just about any iPhone fan happy.

Panasonic SC-HC27 compact stereo system
We know this is pushing it a little as far as calling this an accessory, but for what it does, we think it should be a welcome addition to anyone’s room, office, kitchen, or dorm room. More...

Top games for your iPhone

clock December 13, 2013 09:00 by author Frank Ling

There’s an old proverb that goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We should also add that this includes all the Jills out there too.

So what are we getting at here? There’s a time to study and work hard, but having fun outside of homework and your job adds some fun to your life. And what better way to do this than to play an occasional game on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod iTouch?

There are literally tens of thousands of games listed on Apple’s App Store, so which ones are the best ones?

That depends on who you ask, but what we’ll do is list some of the ones that may have slipped through the cracks.

Virtually everyone has Candy Crush, Plants vs. Zombies, Temple Run, or Subway Surfers, but the games we’ll be listing may not be as well-known, but they are still pretty fun to play. More...

More stocking stuffers for the geek in your life

clock December 11, 2013 13:10 by author Frank Ling

The countdown to Christmas and the gift giving holidays is quickly accelerating and time is running out to get the perfect stocking stuffer for that geek in your life.

There are so many choices, what on earth can you give them to make them smile? We’ve come up with a second list in addition to the first one we posted several articles ago and think that these suggestions may help bring a little happiness to your favorite gadget guy or girl.

Most of these gifts are quite affordable so you won’t be stuck with a heavy bill for your efforts. More...

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