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How to keep your identity and data safe when using public Wi-Fi hot spots

clock October 3, 2013 10:00 by author Frank Ling

We all know how expensive data plans are and some of us try to get a little extra mileage out of our monthly allotment by using public Wi-Fi hotspots or tying into our home wireless accounts.

Using public Wi-Fi can really be useful when we are on the go at airports, stations or bus terminals, and some restaurants and hotels also provide free Wi-Fi service to their patrons. For students, it’s as easy as logging into the school’s network.

But as convenient as these free Wi-Fi services are, they are also public, which means anyone on the same network has the potential of either spying on what you are doing on your computer, finding out where you are located, or at the very worst, steal sensitive data off of your laptop.

What can be done to protect you from cyber-spying and theft? More...

Amazon unveils new Kindle Fire HDX tablets: More power and pixels

clock October 1, 2013 15:32 by author Frank Ling

When Amazon entered the tablet market with its Kindle Fire in 2011, it gained the attention of the electronics industry by providing a full-featured tablet that was easy to use and very affordable at only $199.

Since then Amazon has released an upgraded version called the Kindle Fire HD in 2012. Last week, Amazon announced its new tablet, the Kindle Fire HDX, which comes in the familiar 7-inch display size and a larger 8.9-inch version.

The Kindle Fire HDX has a lot going for it, and those who have been sitting on the sidelines waiting to purchase a tablet may be interested in checking these tablets out. For present Kindle Fire tablet owners, the KF HDX may be a worthy candidate to upgrade. More...

Samsung is ready to launch Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch in October

clock September 27, 2013 09:05 by author Frank Ling

Samsung set the standard for mega-screen smartphones with the introduction of its Galaxy Note line. And as each new model shows up, the display dimensions get a little bigger.

With the soon to be released Galaxy Note 3, it gets even closer to tablet screen specs with its huge 5.7-inch 1,920 x 1,080 display. Also on the agenda for launch is Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

So is a bigger smartphone or new Smartwatch in your future? We’ll find out by giving you the specs, info and official launch availability for these new products. More...

Data monitor apps: Keep track of your data use and avoid overage fees

clock September 24, 2013 16:32 by author Frank Ling

Wireless carriers do their best to try to warn you when you are approaching your data limits. But sometimes these warnings either come too late or the limit was already passed while in the middle of streaming or downloading content.

Overage charges can get pretty expensive if you don’t have an unlimited data plan; it can cost you at least $10 for each gigabyte over your

So how can you monitor your data use without having to constantly log onto your service provider or going into obsessive compulsive behavior by watching every kilobyte?

Data monitor apps may be the answer you are looking for. More...

The iPhone 5S is sold out: Fans wait for the next window of opportunity

clock September 20, 2013 16:33 by author Frank Ling

Fans gathered outside Apple Stores around the world today waiting for their chance to purchase Apple’s two newest phones; the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Apple maintains that quantities are now very limited, and that demand for the new iPhones is high. Apple says there will be a wait for available stock for the iPhone 5S.

Sold out
When the doors opened at Apple Stores around the globe, many of them were reporting that the iPhone 5S was sold out in an half an hour or less. The new colors for the iPhone 5S are gold, silver, and space gray. More...

BlackBerry’s new Z30: It’s bigger, faster, and more powerful

clock September 18, 2013 17:11 by author Frank Ling

BlackBerry has been circling the rim, so to speak, of going down the financial drain due to past problems related to poor management, a stagnant product line, and the BlackBerry brand of smartphones fighting against phone behemoths for market share--namely Apple and Samsung.

But this hasn’t stopped the proud company from continuing to try to break out of its situation, and today Blackberry announced its latest and greatest smartphone—the Z30.

The newest BlackBerry
The Z30 competes with its competition by offering a new 5-inch Super AMOLED display with 1280 x 720 pixels of resolution. It features a dual core 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor with a QuadCore Adreno 320 Graphics processor unit, and is a touch-only device with no physical keyboard. More...

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C: The specs and differences between the two phones

clock September 13, 2013 18:37 by author Frank Ling

Now that the buzz has somewhat died down over the unveiling of Apple’s newest handsets, announced on September 10, some are wondering just what the specific details are on each model and how they differ from one another.

We’ll take a close up look at the iPhone C and iPhone 5S to see what they’re made of and how they differ from each other.

iPhone 5C
The iPhone 5C, long rumored to be in the works during the first half of 2013, is very close to the features various blog sites and news sites had been speculating on. This version sports the expected new colors in green, white, blue, pink and yellow. The phone's body is made out of polycarbonate plastic. More...

The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C: New iPhones finally unveiled by Apple

clock September 10, 2013 17:20 by author Frank Ling

For diehard Apple fans the launch of the next iteration of the iPhone was highly anticipated, and today’s unveiling finally lifted the curtain where two new models were shown: the iPhone 5S and the iPhone C.

Are the new phones a welcome addition to the iPhone family? We don’t know yet, but we’ll show you what the details are on these new models and let you decide for yourself.

iPhone 5S
The rumors surrounding the iPhone 5S started virtually the day after the iPhone 5 was launched last year. But as Apple showed off its new iPhones to the eager press at Apple HQ in Cupertino, California today, there weren’t many surprises as the rumor mills correctly guessed most of the iPhone 5S’s features in the past months. More...

Apple teases with announcement of upcoming event: The latest buzz

clock September 4, 2013 17:17 by author Frank Ling

Virtually every news and blog site has been anticipating the announcement of Apple’s new iPhone. Recent rumors pointed to a September launch of the next iteration.

Several new media sources said today they had received invitations to come to Apple HQ on September 10 to hear an announcement that would “...brighten everyone’s day.”

Now that the cat is partially out of the bag, and a flurry of speculation is hitting the airwaves as to what Apple will unveil,  the rumors about a new iPhone 5S and several new “low-cost” iPhones are taking the lead. More...

Microsoft buys Nokia and saves the day...for now

clock September 3, 2013 16:41 by author Frank Ling

When Nokia decided to abandon its proprietary mobile phone operating system, Symbian, in 2011 and adopted the Windows platform instead, there was a lot of speculation on whether Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, made the correct decision for his company or not.

Now, two years later, the writing on the wall seems to indicate that he made a questionable move; Nokia’s Windows phones have had a hard time in becoming a popular alternative to iPhones and Android phones in spite of intense advertising and generally good reviews from tech websites.

But the floundering phone manufacturer has found a hero that will save it from its inevitable demise—namely Microsoft. Nokia was purchased for $7 billion dollars and the future of Nokia, at least for now, seems safe.

The deal was announced by Microsoft on September 2 and is pending on Nokia shareholders accepting the deal. More...

Media players: Smartphone features without the high cost

clock August 30, 2013 09:00 by author Frank Ling

There are individuals who own a basic mobile phone for everyday use but don't want to upgrade to a smartphone because of all the fees and contracts associated with these devices. A typical smartphone with a two-year contract plus the monthly data fee charges can easily mount up to over $2,000 after the contract expires!

One solution for people who like the features of smartphones, but don't want to invest in one is to buy a media player. We'll investigage what media players are and what they can do.

What’s a media player?
Imagine a smartphone without the phone and you basically have a media player.

A media player can view, store, and stream videos; it can play MP3s and stream music; it can play virtually any game that its smartphone cousin can play; it can take photos and videos, and almost anything else that a smartphone can do, except of course, make calls. But even this can be worked around as we'll see later on. More...

Save money and pay less for phone cases and accessories

clock August 28, 2013 15:19 by author Frank Ling

You’ve just purchased a new mobile phone or tablet, and being the conscientious person you are your first thoughts are to make sure you protect your device by buying a good screen protector and case for it.

You visit your favorite big box department store, and you start to gasp as you experience sticker shock; a screen protector costs $12 to $20 for a little piece of transparent film, and silicone cases for your phone range from $15 to $40!

As you leave shaking your head in disbelief, you mutter to yourself, “There’s got to be a better way...”

There is, and we’ll show you how you can save significant amounts of money on your mobile device accessories. More...

Battery apps: Some can extend your battery life

clock August 23, 2013 09:15 by author Frank Ling

It’s happened to most of us; we’ve just charged our phones and the next day, the battery level is almost down to nothing, even though we hardly used it to make calls.

And woe is to anyone who forgets to charge their phone the night before; you’ll be cut off from your friends, associates, and family until the little bugger is charged up. You may even have a spare charger at work, but who hasn’t left their phone behind in a hurry to get home?

One cool solution to extend the battery life of your phone is to install one of the many battery status or battery saver apps that are out there for iOS and Android phones.

We’ll go over what they basically do and list a few of them for you to check out. More...

Get ready to trade in your iPhones for cash: Tips for getting top dollar

clock August 21, 2013 16:26 by author Frank Ling

If you’ve listened to the recent tech news for the past few months, you already know that a new iPhone is on the way. Most sources say the iPhone 5S will be unveiled on September 10.

Other rumors indicate that there will also be a new line of affordable (read: cheaper) iPhones in Apple’s back pocket too. Regardless, the certainty is that there will be at least one new iPhone coming this year.

If you are planning on trading in your old device for the latest Apple über phone, there are a few things that you can do to get the most value for your trade-in. More...

Nokia’s new Lumia 1020 Windows smartphone: Super-camera included

clock August 16, 2013 14:19 by author Frank Ling

The latest flagship smartphone from Nokia was released recently and if a picture is worth a thousand words, there may be millions of them inside the Lumia 1020—it has a 41-megapixel camera.

This astonishing accomplishment is sure to draw in customers who are looking for the ultimate in a camera phone that will allow them to edit virtually any portion of an image in order to enlarge it, and still keep the quality up. But the big question is: Is it worth it?

We’ll go over the specs of this phone and see who may be interested in it. More...

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