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More stocking stuffers for the geek in your life

clock December 11, 2013 13:10 by author Frank Ling

The countdown to Christmas and the gift giving holidays is quickly accelerating and time is running out to get the perfect stocking stuffer for that geek in your life.

There are so many choices, what on earth can you give them to make them smile? We’ve come up with a second list in addition to the first one we posted several articles ago and think that these suggestions may help bring a little happiness to your favorite gadget guy or girl.

Most of these gifts are quite affordable so you won’t be stuck with a heavy bill for your efforts. More...

5 great apps for your iPhone or iPad

clock December 5, 2013 08:41 by author Frank Ling

The iPhone and iPad are marvelous electronic marvels and anyone who owns one or both can attest to how they can make their lives more productive and fun.

You can use your iDevices for surfing the web, making phone calls, and shopping online, but there is so much more that you can do with them if you download some apps that are available from the hundreds of thousands of titles on the iTunes App Store.

But there are so many of them how can you tell the good ones from the bad ones? You could download each app, but going through a few hundred thousand apps isn’t feasible, not to mention your life will come to a standstill if you attempt doing this.

Fortunately for us, the Internet is full of reviews on the best apps out there. We’ve compiled a short list of top 5 apps according to this information so you can make up your mind what’s best for you. More...

What sort of digital camera should I buy?

clock December 3, 2013 19:02 by author Frank Ling

Choosing the right camera for a friend, family member, or yourself can be easy if you have the right information. Your Aunt Martha may love a standard digital camera but it may be less than adequate for someone who is a serious photo fan.

So what are the differences between camera models and how do you choose the right one? We’ll go over the basics of each type of camera so you can make the right decision.

Compact digital cameras
These are the digital cameras that almost everyone recognizes because they are the most popular and are usually very affordable, so almost anyone can fit one of these in their budget.

Compact digital cameras are rectangular in shape with fixed or permanent lenses attached to them. The top manufacturers for these cameras are Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Olympus, and Sony. More...

Why should I buy a DSLR camera?

clock November 26, 2013 15:17 by author Frank Ling

Many people havae owned some sort of camera to take pictures with. It may have been an old school styled film camera, an “instant” camera, phone camera, or one of the popular easy to use point-and-shoot digital cameras.

But if you are someone who really likes to take pictures, you’ve probably seen professionals use DSLRs. If you’ve ever wondered what DSLRs are all about and asked yourself the question, “Should I buy a DSLR camera?” you’ve come to the right place for answers.

We’ll give you some basic information on what DSLRs are and if a DSLR camera will suit your needs as a photographer. More...

Stocking stuffers for the geeks in your life

clock November 21, 2013 09:00 by author Frank Ling

In about a month, the Christmas and gift giving holidays will be upon us, and the yearly task of finding something for your friends or loved ones, who are electronics geeks, isn’t the easiest thing to do.

But instead of buying the usual USB drive or latest CD, why not be a little creative and put something in those stockings that will make your geek grin from ear to ear?

We’ve assembled some of our favorite gadgets and we think that these will definitely brighten up any electronics fan's day. More...

13-inch iPad expected to be unveiled in 2014

clock November 19, 2013 18:04 by author Frank Ling

We’ve already seen Apple’s tablets take on a smaller size with the introduction of its iPad mini last year in November. But according to sources, it seems that Apple is in the midst of developing a larger tablet that will have a display of 13-inches.

What will the new iPad be called, when will it be available, how much will it cost, and what will it feature?

As usual, rumors about upcoming Apple products are always a bit inaccurate, but we’ll tell you what we’ve heard about this new device. More...

iOS 7: Things you wanted to know about the new Apple OS

clock November 15, 2013 09:15 by author Frank Ling

On September 10, in San Francisco, Apple unveiled its new iPhone 5S to the world, but also on that same day it showed off its brand new operating system—iOS 7. Although the majority of the attention went to the new iPhone, the announcement of iOS 7 also created some buzz from the press and Apple fans.

So what exactly is iOS 7, who can upgrade, and what can it do?

These questions and more will be answered so you can know all the things you wanted to know about iOS 7. More...

iPhone 6 rumors: It will be bigger with a different case and screen

clock November 12, 2013 13:45 by author Frank Ling

A source inside Apple has revealed to Bloomberg News that the upcoming iPhone 6 will depart from the traditional rectangular shape and will feature a new body look. Not only that, it’s expected to have a larger screen size that may come close to the display size leader in smartphones—Samsung.

But as we all know, rumors about upcoming iPhone models should always be viewed with a wary eye and some skepticism because nearly all of them are inaccurate or way off base.

In saying this, we’ll dish out what Bloomberg reported and give you our take on what we think is in store for the iPhone 6. More...

A closer look at the iPhone C: What do you get besides the low price?

clock November 7, 2013 19:32 by author Frank Ling

For the first time in the iPhone’s history the flagship device from Apple was released in different case colors. It was first revealed in San Francisco on September 10 at a special press event.

Most people know that the iPhone C comes in different colors, but this feature alone doesn’t describe what this new phone is all about

So besides the nice colors, what else is there about the iPhone C that would gain people’s interest? We’ll go a bit deeper into what makes this phone tick and show you what you need to know before buying. More...

A closer look at the iPhone 5S: Things you may have missed

clock November 5, 2013 15:28 by author Frank Ling

It’s almost been 2 months since Apple’s new flagship phone, the iPhone 5S, was unveiled for the first time in San Francisco. Since then the dust has cleared and the smoke has lifted and the iPhone 5S is well entrenched in the public’s eye as the phone to beat, when it comes to top-of-the-line smartphones.

Whether the iPhone 5S is the best phone in the world is up for debate, but it does live up to expectations and more.

In this article we’ll go over the features of the iPhone 5S and separate the hype from the facts. What you find out may surprise you and help you to make up your mind on whether to buy it or not. More...

Google unveils its new flagship phone: The Nexus 5

clock October 31, 2013 16:25 by author Frank Ling

Google showed off its latest phone today, the Nexus 5, and aimed its sights on its competitors by offering better pricing, a larger display, and other features to make it a viable alternative for Android phone fans.

We’ll go over the specs and pricing of the Nexus 5 so that you’ll know all you need to know in order to make a decision to buy it.

The case specs at a glance
First off the bat is the Nexus 5’s larger 5-inch display (actually 4.95-inches but who’s counting?) that has a full HD IPS resolution of 1920 x 1080 or 445 ppi.

And for those who are bit accident prone, the display is made out of tough Gorilla Glass 3 manufactured by Corning.

The Nexus 5 has shed some of its weight and has a slimmer profile for 2013 and tips the scales at 4.6 ounces with a thickness of 8.59mm. More...

Do I have a DSLR or a bridge camera?

clock October 30, 2013 19:29 by author Frank Ling

If you’ve ever tuned into to some of the shopping network television shows you’ve seen DSLRs and bridge cameras for sale. Bridge cameras look almost identical to DSLRs, and there is some confusion as to which one is which.

A DSLR can do everything that a bridge camera can do and much more, but a bridge camera can only do some of the things a DSLR can do.

So do you own a bride camera or a DSLR? What are the differences between these models? If you’re looking to buy a new digital camera should you buy a DSLR or a bridge camera?

We’ll tackle some of these questions and put everything in focus for you. More...

What kind of Canon camera do I have?

clock October 24, 2013 09:00 by author Frank Ling

Canon products are very familiar with the general public because of its extensive line of inkjet and laser printers. But Canon is also known worldwide as one of the major manufacturers of digital cameras.

If you own a Canon camera you may have wondered if it is a DSLR or not.

We’ll go over the basic camera categories that Canon presently produces and give you the info you need to find out what sort of Canon camera you have or use this info to make a decision on which one to buy. More...

Apple announces new iPads, laptops, and computers

clock October 22, 2013 20:37 by author Frank Ling

Today in San Francisco Apple unveiled new upgrades to its iPad line, and also revealed product refreshes to its MacBook laptop and Mac Pro desktop computer.

The news wasn’t much of a surprise to the industry but the improvements will be enough reason for some Apple fans to trade in their old models for the latest ones.

We’ll go over what Apple showed off today and give you some of the early details of the new products.

The iPad Air: thinner, faster, and sharper
The news that everyone was expecting became a reality with Apple’s reveal of the iPad Air. This new iteration of the iPad is the thinnest profile of any full-sized iPad ever made and comes in the colors space gray and silver.

Sorry guys and girls—no new colors such as gold, green, red, or blue...maybe next time. More...

What kind of Nikon camera do I have?

clock October 17, 2013 17:01 by author Frank Ling

Although this may be something obvious to some people who are “shutter bugs” or to those who are fans of photography, a question like this isn’t as easy to answer as it may seem.

There are literally hundreds of models of cameras out there, and finding out what model you have can be sometimes confusing.

Fortunately, Nikon has made indentifying your camera a lot easier by prominently placing the model ID on the tops or fronts of their cameras. But this only answers half the question of “What sort of Nikon camera do I have?”

We’ll dig a little deeper and map out just what Nikon has in its product line and explain some of the differences too. More...

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