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About Us

ABOUT US started with an idea to keep broken and used iPods out of landfills. When founder Brett Mosley's much-used, much-loved iPod broke, it dawned on him that there weren't many eco-friendly or economically gainful things do with it. After little research, Mosley discovered that there were a lot of people out there who had the same problem; broken iPods, few options. Why throw away electronic devices when you can get paid cash for them? was created to offer a quick, simple and friendly solution for people looking to unload unwanted (broken, used, and new) Cell Phones, iPods, Mp3 Players, iPhones and game consoles. Whether it's an old Blackberry, broken iPod, a used Wii or a brand new Zune, offers an easier, faster, and higher paying option than eBay, Craigslist or other sites out there, guaranteed.

Our site is expanding to include laptop computers, digital cameras, camcorders, GPS Devices, and other electronics with the same green-minded focus of paying for used and broken merchandise that would otherwise end up as waste.


"We strive to be a leader in providing both consumers and corporations with the greenest alternative possible for recycling used and unwanted electronics. We are driven by our goal of reducing the amount of eWaste that is accumulating in our planet’s landfills while increasing awareness in our communities. By providing a monetized option to reduce eWaste, we challenge all consumers to think twice about how they dispose of their electronics by giving them an opportunity to earn money and be eco-conscious all at once. With exceptional customer service, the urge to always improve, and a passion to do right by the Earth, stands for making our planet greener, one electronic at a time."

ABOUT THE FOUNDER's President and CEO Brett Mosley, was born and raised in Hawaii. He earned his BA in Business with an emphasis in Finance and Real Estate from the University of San Diego. Having spent years working in the real estate and finance industry, Mosley's interest shifted from real estate development to business development. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado and enjoys world travel, snowboarding, surfing, cooking, along with quality time with friends and family.

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